A More Perfect Union gets new govt. funding…is Gang of Youths’ festival coming back?

The Australian government has earmarked more than $400,000 (AUD) to help bring about a second installment of A More Perfect Union, the festival that Gang of Youths launched in 2018.

The funding is part of Australia’s RISE Fund grants, money set aside last year to support the country’s arts and entertainment industry and its attempts to “reactivate” after the COVID-19 pandemic. A More Perfect Union received $406,195 in the funding announced Friday, one of dozens of events to get financial help.

There’s no guarantee that we’ll see another A More Perfect Union festival, but earlier this month the band used its social media accounts to invite fans to follow the festival’s Instagram account.

And if you go back to the initial AMPU festival, Dave apparently promised the audience that “this isn’t a one-off.”

So, fingers crossed this funding helps makes it happen. And fingers crossed that the %[email protected]# pandemic doesn’t get in the way.