Dave Le’aupepe joined Chris Carraba on stage to mark Dashboard Confessional’s 20th anniversary

Dave made a surprise (at least to most of the world) appearance on stage this past Tuesday night in London.

It happened at St. Pancras Old Church, where Chris Carraba was continuing the DC20 tour in honor of Dashboard Confessional’s 20th anniversary.

The pair did an acoustic version of “Vindicated,” one of Dashboard’s biggest hits, in front of an intimate audience. Fan Nick A. caught some of the duet on video:

We’ve added the solo appearance to the Tours section of our site: Dave Le’aupepe / Chris Carraba, November 12, 2019.

Carraba shared a great backstage (back altar?) photo on Instagram, expressing his appreciation for Dave and Gang of Youths.

Gang of Youths to do acoustic set in London for Big Sleep Out

Just when you thought we’d seen the last of Gang of Youths on stage this decade, there’s this surprise: The band is set to perform an acoustic set in London as part of The World’s Big Sleep Out.

It’ll happen in Trafalgar Square on December 7th. The London event is one of many happening around the world on the same day, all aimed at raising money and awareness to help the homeless. Participants sleep outside — in tents, sleeping bags, etc. — and enjoy a spot of entertainment before the ZZZZZZs.

The event’s official website has more info about the London event and a form to sign up as a participant. Tom Walker, Travis, and Dame Helen Mirren are also listed as London performers.

Despite how it’s being billed as “Gang of Youths,” this may not be the whole band performing. In the past, acoustic performances were often just Dave and Joji. But either way — full band or not — it raises the question: Who’s gonna play guitar? (This Instagram post from last week comes across as a big hint that Jung is going to replace Joji, don’t you think?)

Donnie Borzestowki releases brother Szymon’s posthumous EP, Blue Coloured Mountain

Donnie Borzestowki (with help from family & friends) has just released his brother Szymon’s 7-song EP, Blue Coloured Mountain.

It’s a collection of songs that Szymon was working on before his death in 2012. The seven tracks run just under 20 minutes.

Donnie explained what the EP means to him and his family in an Instagram post:

At one point we thought these songs had been lost forever. But after searching and digging through old hard drives and CDs we discovered a whole collection of incredible songs and ideas that Szymon was working on up until he passed away. These seven songs are the key completed tracks that have meant so much to our family and friends over the years. It’s so important for us to release these. Important for Szymon’s legacy. But also because we know people will love them.

Blue Coloured Mountain is available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and the major online services. Click here to find it at your favorite listening post.

This is Szymon’s second posthumous release. An album, Tigersapp, came out in 2015 and earned an ARIA nomination.