Bushstock Festival explains why Gang of Youths’ gig was canceled

Bushstock Festival organizers have explained the events that led to the cancellation of Gang of Youths’ scheduled performance this past Saturday night in London.

In a letter sent to attendees who had inquired about ticket refunds, and also shared with Deepest Sighs, the festival apologized for having to close The Courtyard stage at K West Hotel and blamed a “faulty power supply” that made the stage unsafe for performers and fans alike.

At around 6pm we had no option but to close the stage due to a serious technical issue affecting the electrical supply to the stage. The source of the issue was traced to a faulty power supply unit that was part of the venue we hired from K West Hotel. This meant that the stage and the surrounding area could not be guaranteed to be safe for performers, staff or you – our customers. We therefore had to make the very difficult decision of closing the stage immediately. We did this in careful consultation with the artists, their crew and an electrician. The safety of customers, crew and artists is, and will always be, our number one priority.

We were able to reschedule or relocate all affected performances apart from APRE and Gang Of Youths. Despite us and the bands doing everything we could to find an alternative solution together, it just wasn’t technically possible. They were as gutted as we were that it couldn’t happen.

That explains what some attendees said on Twitter during the confusion Saturday night, with one specifically referencing an “electrical fault” as the reason fans were told to leave the area. Later in the evening, Gang of Youths issued an apology that also cited safety concerns at the venue. The band later spent time talking to fans and even handed out free vinyl copies of Go Farther In Lightness.

With some fans having traveled all the way from Australia to see the festival, it’s understandable that they’d be upset by the cancellation and hopeful to get a refund of the cost of their festival tickets. But in the email, festival organizers said no refunds will be given. “As per the T+C’s you will have received from your point of purchase, festival line-ups are always subject to change, and this can happen for a variety of reasons, so we will not be able to offer refunds.”