Dave tells Roxy: Gang of Youths album & tour next year

Late in the band’s show last night in Los Angeles, Dave took a few moments to thank the audience for showing up and supporting Gang of Youths. No big deal, really — if you’ve been following the band, you know he does that at most of the band’s shows (if not all).

But when he was done, and before the next song began, he shared a little more than gratitude:

“We’ll see you again next year … and we’ll have a new album, too.”

I think most of us fans have been assuming all of the above, but it’s the first time I can recall him saying anything semi-specific about the band’s plans for 2020.

I wouldn’t get super excited until there’s something more official*, but that’s still good to hear and adds some optimism to what’s coming our way in the next 12-15 months.

Follow our Gang of Youths new album page for all the latest info.

*In my days as a U2 fan, I became immune to the album/tour-related pronouncements of lead vocalists, which were almost universally wrong.

Gang of Youths won’t be supporting Mumford & Sons tonight due to illness

An illness has forced Gang of Youths to cancel their planned supporting slot with Mumford & Sons tonight in Phoenix.

The news arrived this morning via a tweet from Mumford’s account:

No other details are known; we hope whoever is sick gets better soon.

Assuming all is well by Thursday’s show in San Francisco, Gang of Youths will end up supporting Mumford for seven of their upcoming shows in the U.S. and Mexico. GOY is also scheduled to do two headlining shows at The Roxy in Los Angeles this Friday and Saturday.

Gretta Ray to open for Gang of Youths in Los Angeles

If you’ve been wondering whether Gang of Youths would have a support act at their two Los Angeles headlining shows a few weeks from now, wonder no more.

Gretta Ray will open both shows.

There’s been no official announcement, but Ray’s name has been added to the AXS.com ticketing pages for both shows. (BTW, tickets are still available for Friday, Sept. 20.)

You should recognize her name by now: Ray opened up the U.S. shows on last year’s Say Yes To Life tour, and then provided support again earlier this year when GOY played four London shows. She and the band are close friends, and they brought her on stage at two of the four London shows to cover “A Case Of You” with Dave — the April 6 and April 7 shows.