Gang of Youths to Play Spain’s Mad Cool Festival in 2021

It feels like forever since we’ve been able to write a news story about Gang of Youths adding a live gig to its schedule, rather than having its schedule of live gigs decimated by the pandemic.

But we get to do that today!

Gang of Youths has officially been added to the lineup for the 2021 Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Spain! The festival happens over four days in early July, and GOY is due to perform on Saturday, July 10. Red Hot Chili Peppers are the headliner that day.

Tickets for the entire festival are available now.

All of this, of course, assumes that we’ll be able to have live music festivals by next July. Here’s hoping that’s the case!

This’ll be Gang of Youths’ second time performing at Mad Cool. Back in 2018, the band did a 6-song set mostly highlighting songs from Go Farther In Lightness. We can safely assume next year’s performance will feature songs from their upcoming album.

Here’s a listen to “Let Me Down Easy” from that Mad Cool appearance in 2018.

Daniel Ricciardo video teases new Gang of Youths music

Daniel Ricciardo, the Australian Formula 1 driver and unabashed Gang of Youths fan, has teased some new GOY music in a new video.

The video was recorded back in late July while the band was working on new songs in a London studio. At the time, Gang of Youths shared some brief clips of Ricciardo’s visit as an Instagram story. Today, the driver himself shared much longer footage from the day on YouTube.

Ricciardo and friends are seen joining GOY to do some backup vocals on one track, and then adding percussion on what sounds like a different track. All the while, Dave and the band are joking (half-joking?) that Daniel and his friends will get credited on the new album for their contributions.

Anyway, you can hear short bits of the new Gang of Youths songs at about the 3:00 mark and then again in the final 20-30 seconds of this video.

This is the second time Ricciardo has found himself in the studio with Gang of Youths as they work on the next album. Back in July 2019, he posted a couple of clips as IG stories — we did our best to transcribe the lyrics of what we heard then.

As always, bookmark or just keep checking our Gang of Youths’ new album page — that’s where we keep a running collection of all the new album news and rumors we can find.

Meet Tom Hobden, the New Guy in Gang of Youths

Gang of Youths is a five-piece once again.

The band finally confirmed on Friday that London-based musician Tom Hobden has joined the lineup, replacing ex-lead guitarist Joji Malani. Joji left last year and later explained that being part of GOY was no longer fulfilling.

Tom’s Music Background

You may not be familiar with Tom Hobden’s name, but he’s no stranger to Gang of Youths — and vice versa. They got to know each other in 2019 while GOY toured twice with Mumford & Sons. (You can see him playing fiddle at the 1:35 mark on that great “Blood” video from Stockholm.) Hobden was a touring musician with M&S who usually played fiddle and guitar during their live shows. He also performed on three of Mumford & Sons’ four studio albums, playing violin and other string parts.

Hobden was a founding member of indie rock/folk band Noah and the Whale, which was active from 2006-2015. With Noah, Hobden played violin, keyboards/piano, and guitar. He was beloved enough to even have fans create a couple Twitter accounts — @hobdenfans and @dailyhobden — in his honor!

In addition to his recent work with Mumford & Sons, Hobden’s been working on a few side projects. One of those is PĂȘtr AleksĂ€nder, a classical duo with Eliot James. Together they released an EP earlier this year that featured a spoken-word contribution from none other than Dave Le’aupepe. Hobden is also half of The Heathen and the Holy, a Christmas-season duo with Fred Abbott, his old mate from Noah and the Whale. Together, they release one song a year — a Christmas single.

Joining Gang of Youths

The band seemed to be leaving clues on social media early this year that Tom had joined the band. He showed up in several of their posts/stories, including standing in the background of this photo that Max shared on Instagram on January 15:

Hobden performed with Gang of Youths during all three of the band’s 2020 live shows before COVID shut everything down. The first was an intimate gig in London, which was followed five days later by the Electric Avenue festival in Christchurch. You could say that his coming out as a GOY band member was a few days later in Melbourne. The band headlined the Down to Earth charity festival, which was streamed live on YouTube around the world.

That show is probably a good hint of how the band will work together going forward. Jung plays lead guitar for most of the show, but switches instruments during a couple of songs. Tom plays a mix of strings, keyboards, and guitar — and like Jung, occasionally changes instruments in the middle of a song.

He’s obviously a tremendously versatile musician and should give Gang of Youths a lot of options to explore some new sounds on their new album if that’s a path they want to pursue.

You can follow Tom Hobden on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

(Photo at top is from, Tom’s personal site which is currently offline.)