Gang of Youths sets new Enmore Theatre record

Six sold-out shows in one tour at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre? That’s never been done before. Well, until now.

Gang of Youths just set a new record with those six sellouts at the Enmore, according to The Music. The first of those six had to be postponed due to illness, but hey … a record is a record.

The Enmore holds 2,500 for a concert, so that means 15,000 tickets sold for this run of six shows. Earlier on the Say Yes To Life tour, GOY sold out eight shows at The Forum in Melbourne. With a capacity there of 2,000, that’s 16,000 tickets sold in Melbourne.

The numbers beg a question: Is it time for Gang of Youths to move up to bigger venues in Australia? Could they play bigger venues next time around (if they want to)? As a North American, I can’t claim to be super knowledgeable about Australian concert venues. So I’ve posed that same question in our forum: Time for bigger venues in Australia? Please chime in with your thoughts.

(Photo by Bruce via Creative Commons.)

Tonight’s Sydney show canceled due to illness; make-up date announced

Gang of Youths has just announced that tonight’s show at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney has been canceled due to illness. The band shared the news via its social media channels in a message that explains Dave has a chest infection and can’t perform.

As you can see above, a make-up show has already been announced for January 31, 2019.

Here’s wishing a speedy recovery for Dave! Next show on the schedule is scheduled for Thursday night.

Just added: Gang of Youths’ concerts from 2012-2013

Quick site update to pass along! In the Tours section, we’ve added all of Gang of Youths’ concerts from 2012-2013 that we’ve been able to find in our research. They’re broken into two main sections:

The latter is when GOY supported Cloud Control for a dozen Australian shows in August-September 2013.

The former includes Gang of Youths’ first proper concert on June 21, 2012, at Hibernian House. A music blogger was there and had some good things to say about the band (click that link to read more). We also have what we believe is the band’s first show outside Australia on October 18, 2013, at Cake Shop in New York City. was there — click that link to see a few photos of GOY on stage and read what they said about the show.

If we’re missing any shows or you think we got something wrong, we’d love to know about it — email contact @ please.

We still have a few years of shows to add, so stay tuned and thanks for your patience.