Gang of Youths in Philadelphia: The Good, The Bad, and the ??

If Gang of Youths were to decide against ever scheduling another gig in Philadelphia, it’d be totally understandable after the bad luck the band encountered there this week.

It began on Thursday, just a few hours before their scheduled gig at the Theatre of Living Arts. The band announced on social media that “one of our crew received a serious electrical shock” during soundcheck. Though the band never announced who it was, we understand that the shock victim was longtime tour crew member Stuart Dew. We also understand that he’s doing fine now.

(Coincidentally, this isn’t the first time electrical problems have impacted a GOY gig. In the summer of 2019, their appearance at the Bushstock Festival was canceled because of a “faulty power supply” that made the stage unsafe for artists and fans.)

The band’s post mentioned “serious electrical issues on stage” and that all ticket holders would get a full refund.

While saying they couldn’t do a full show, the band also announced that Dave would do an acoustic set from out on the venue floor. Turning proverbial lemons into lemonade, Dave and Tom performed a 10-song set and even took audience questions in between songs. The set included the first performance of “Kansas” since November 2018, and rare performances of “Fear And Trembling” and “Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane.” It was a magical and unforgettable evening by all accounts from the almost sellout crowd. See the full set and a bunch of social media photos/videos here on our website.

That wasn’t the end of it, though, in Philadelphia.

On Friday, a few hours before its Washington, DC, gig, the band announced that Donnie had fractured the pinky finger on his right hand while the band was in Philadelphia. Donnie himself shared the news, saying he’s “unable to play the show on drums tonight in DC (and most likely the remainder of US tour dates).”

In his place, extra/unofficial band member Louis Giannamore took over on drums in DC. He’s a talented multi-instrumentalist who’s been on stage with GOY at every show of this tour, as well as at many of the non-tour promo gigs/appearances over the past few months. He’s often seen playing extra percussion on stage, and Donnie described him as “a monster on the kit, too.”

It remains to be seen if this’ll be the plan going forward for the rest of the tour; the band has six shows left over the next 11 days.

One thing’s for sure: You can bet they’re glad to be far away from Philadelphia.

(WATCH) Gang of Youths does a 3-song set on CBS Saturday Morning

Gang of Youths got a double-shot of national TV exposure this week as they arrived in the U.S to kick off their current North American tour.

You already know about the band’s appearance Monday on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, but you only knew about their second national TV appearance if you were paying close attention to the band’s emails or our social media posts. ?

On Tuesday, GOY did a three-song live set at the CBS News Studios in Times Square. That performance, along with highlights of an interview with Dave, aired today on the CBS Saturday Morning news show. The interview is surprisingly nuanced in how it addresses the story of Dave’s dad’s life and death as told on Angel In Realtime and, considering it runs for less than four minutes, does a really solid job of introducing that background to viewers.

The band performed three songs: “The Angel Of 8th Ave.,” “Spirit Boy,” and “The Man Himself.” It’s an abbreviated version of “Spirit Boy,” likely due to broadcast time constraints. Nonetheless, you can watch the interview segment and all three songs below.

Added: We just discovered this incredible director-cam clip from the CBS performance and it’s absolutely fantastic!

Casual Male, Quinn Christopherson to open most of Gang of Youths North American tour

Gang of Youths is about to hit the road for a 22-show tour across North America, and we can finally help fans answer one of the main questions you’re asking on social media and fan forums: Who is Gang of Youths’ opening act?

Well, after some sleuthing and research on our part, we can report that two artists are set to open almost all of the shows: Casual Male and Quinn Christopherson. If you’re seeing the band on the first half of the tour, you’ll get Casual Male as the support act; Quinn Christopherson is opening the majority of shows on the second half of the tour. Here’s the full rundown:

Casual Male as opening act

  • April 21: Madison
  • April 22: Indianapolis
  • April 24: Columbus
  • April 25: Louisville
  • April 27: Carrboro
  • April 28: Charlotte
  • May 1: Nashville
  • May 3: Chicago
  • May 4: Detroit
  • May 6: Toronto
  • May 7: Montreal

Quinn Christopherson as opening act

  • May 9: Boston
  • May 10: New York City
  • May 12: Philadelphia
  • May 13: Washington, DC
  • May 16: San Francisco
  • May 18: Los Angeles
  • May 20: Las Vegas
  • May 21: Phoenix

We couldn’t find an opening act for the last three shows of the tour: Austin, Dallas, and Tulsa. You might assume that Quinn Christopherson would open those shows, too — and perhaps so. But right now, Quinn’s website only lists the eight shows above.

Who are Casual Male and Quinn Christopherson?

Casual Male is the brainchild of a New York City-based singer/songwriter named Tim Lappin. In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Tim wrote that he’s “hitting the road solo,” so it sounds like the whole band won’t be joining him on tour. Adding evidence to that is the fact that for a couple of upcoming shows, the support act is listed as “Tim Lappin” instead of “Casual Male.” You can learn more about Tim on his website, and you can hear the whole band play a few songs in this 2019 video.

Quinn Christopherson is an Anchorage-based singer/songwriter who made a splash by winning NPR’s Tiny Desk contest in 2019. You can watch him and his musical partner, Nick Carpenter, perform three songs at the Tiny Desk below, and you can learn more about Quinn on his website. We don’t know if Nick will be joining Quinn for the upcoming Gang of Youths dates.

We’ll keep looking for info about the opening acts for those last three shows (Austin, Dallas, and Tulsa). If you discover something before we do, please drop us a note.