Dave: My dad is “the only thing I can really write about”

It’s not really a secret at this point, but Dave has confirmed what others have said about the next Gang of Youths album: It’s gonna be about Dave’s dad, Tattersall.

His comments showed up about a week ago in a “rough cut” Reuters news video — i.e., one without any reporter narration. It has Dave and Max talking on several different topics. At about the 1:15 mark of the video (see below), Dave says this:

This record’s gonna be about my father and how he died, and how he lived, and everything I found out about him. That’s the only thing I can really write about. It’s gonna be about him … and about people I love.

That first sentence is interesting. The reference to “everything I found out about him” may suggest that Dave did some investigating of his family background after his dad died. Listen for yourself:

As far as I can recall, that’s the first time Dave himself has confirmed what he’s writing about for Gang of Youths’ new album. Back in the spring, Max discussed the influence that Tattersall’s death last year would have on the new album, but Dave’s comments to date have mostly been about how far along the songs are, having a title decided already and so forth.

As always, see our Gang of Youths’ new album page for a running collection of everything we know about what will be GOY’s third full-length studio album.

Other Notes

There are a couple other interesting notes in that video clip:

Dave says the band is interested in doing “art and music therapy for prisoners in Australia.”

Dave also says he hates the band’s name. He took “Gang” from Gang of Four and “Youths” from Sonic Youth, and Gang of Youths was never supposed to survive for more than one album … but now, he says while laughing, he’s “stuck with this stupid fucking name that I hate so much.” 😆

Gang of Youths stars in new Everton FC video, “Singing the Blues”

The mystery is over. Nearly two months later, we now see the first fruits of that Gang of Youths visit to Everton FC’s Finch Farm practice facility on August 5th.

Everton has published a 21-minute video recap of the day that features clips of the band around the facility, some interview bits about the band, their love of football/soccer (and Joji’s love of Everton, especially) and a 3-song acoustic performance from Dave and Joji. They’re calling it “Singing the Blues,” a reference to the team’s primary color.

We’ve filled out our concert detail page for this performance, but let me save you a click by posting the song list here:

  • Fear And Trembling
  • Bernard Will Tear You Apart
  • The Heart Is A Muscle

That middle track is a shortened and modified version of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” with Dave changing the lyrics to reference Everton’s player, Bernard.

It all looks and sounds great and introduces the band to a potentially large, new audience, which is always cool to see. Here’s the video — enjoy!

Gang of Youths’ MTV Unplugged album picks up an ARIA nomination

The streak is alive.

Gang of Youths has picked up at least one ARIA nomination for the fifth consecutive year. This year’s nomination goes to their MTV Unplugged (Live in Melbourne) album, which is nominated in the Best Original Soundtrack or Musical Theatre Cast Album category.

After its release last October, the album debuted at No. 5 on the ARIA album chart.

Overall, this is GOY’s 17th ARIA nomination. The band picked up four wins in 2017 — all related to Go Farther In Lightness.

Of the past five years of ARIA nominations, this is the first year that the band only received one. For the full list of nominees, including Gang of Youths’ competition, see the ARIA website. The winners will be revealed on November 27 in Sydney and the ceremony will air on Nine Network in Australia.