Say Yes To Life tour kicks off in Melbourne

GOY launched the Say Yes To Life tour Sunday night in Melbourne, playing the first of seven shows at The Forum. has the show clocking in at 16 songs, the first seven of which were the first seven tracks from Go Farther In Lightness played in order.

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Gloria Brancatisano reviewed the gig for Beat Magazine:

While Le’aupepe remains the focal point of the performance – whether he’s shredding on his guitar, strutting around the stage, or stood still showcasing his incredible vocals – it would be a disservice to the rest of the band not to mention just how tight they are. Every moment is on point, every peak perfectly timed, and every lull filled with enough room to breathe.

MTV Unplugged Live in Melbourne album is out now

In case you’ve been living under a rock or something, today’s the big day: Gang of Youths’ new album, MTV Unplugged Live in Melbourne, is OUT NOW!

The official site has lots of links to buy/stream.

On first listen, I think it’s really great. The DS crew will have deeper thoughts on it in due time. Stay tuned. Comments are open if you want to share your initial thoughts on it.

On Twitter, a lot of Foo Fighters’ fans loved Gang of Youths

It looks like my nervousness was unfounded. GOY has wrapped up its run of seven shows as the Foo Fighters’ opening act and, based on a sampling of fan reaction on Twitter, things went very well. I kept an eye on Twitter throughout the 10 days or so that GOY was on tour with the Foos and here are some of the really positive tweets I saw:

Of course, not every tweet was glowing. There were some “they were okay” tweets, plus a few that weren’t happy with the acoustics while Gang of Youths played … but the tweets above are representative of the overall reaction. It looks like GOY made a lot of new fans and that’s definitely a Good Thing.