Gang of Youths profiled in Sunday’s Washington Post

How cool is this?!?

This Sunday’s Washington Post — one of the biggest newspapers in the U.S. — will have a feature article on Gang of Youths in the Arts section.

That’s some solid exposure, especially coming right after the band played to more than a thousand fans in venues like the 9:30 Club (Wash. DC), Irving Plaza (NYC) and The Metro (Chicago). And also right as the MTV Unplugged album is released in the States (today).

Even better is that the article’s online right now. 🙂

The article explains how GOY met at Hillsong Church and formed in the days when Dave began writing music for his girlfriend (and later first wife) during her bout with cancer. Author Travis Andrews obviously knows the band and music well, and  does a great job introducing both to an audience that, aside from a few scattered readers, won’t be familiar with either:

The songs concern all manner of philosophy, religion and humanity’s darkest impulses, while being absurdly uplifting at the same time. Still, it’s not Christian rock by any stretch of imagination. Le’aupepe creates the rare mainstream music that grapples with whether God exists.

Much like the Book of Revelation, his songs are studies in contrasts — in this case, between loud music and quiet ideology, between believing in the Almighty and declaring that He doesn’t exist, between bars and churches, between love and fury.

Andrews was able to chat with Dave before the band’s recent show at the 9:30 Club, and the article includes some really great quotes from that conversation.

Read the full article online here, and if you’re able to get a copy of Sunday’s Washington Post, please buy one to support journalism … and to send us a photo of the article in print!

UPDATE: Thanks to reader/forum member Tim, here’s a photo of the print article, which took up a full page in the Arts section!

Say Yes To Life tour ends in Indianapolis

Gang of Youths’ Say Yes To Life tour came to a rousing end* Saturday night in Indianapolis, capping off a wildly successful two-month tour that covered Australia and the northeast U.S./Canada corridor.

Saturday’s show played out before a packed audience at The Hi-Fi in Indianapolis. We have the setlist, a photo gallery and some of the social media updates about the show on our concert page:

Gang of Youths at the Hi-Fi in Indianapolis

Here’s a sample:

The Hi-Fi is a smaller venue (capacity about 200) than several other recent shows the band played in North America. GOY sold out the prestigious Irving Plaza in New York City last week (capacity about 1,200) and played to packed house at Metro in Chicago (capacity 1,100) on Friday. Were the North American crowds into these shows? This Instagram video from the band’s manager, Kurt Bailey, answers that question with a resounding yes.

The Say Yes To Life tour began on October 28 in Melbourne. The band played a total of 29 shows over seven weeks.

*It’s not technically the end of the tour because GOY will play in Sydney on January 31, a makeup show from when illness forced the postponement of a show on November 21.

Radio X puts Gang of Youths on 2 year-end lists

Here come the “best of” lists for 2018, and two of the first we’ve seen for music come from Radio X in the UK … and both include Gang of Youths.

MTV Unplugged Live In Melbourne made the station’s list of the best albums of 2018, while “Let Me Down Easy” is on the best songs of 2018 list. (Nevermind that LMDE was a single back in 2017; the rest of the world is still catching up and if Radio X wants to call it one of this year’s best songs, who are we to argue?)

Meanwhile, in Australia, Triple J radio has opened voting for its annual Hottest 100 list — where LMDE came in at #2 last year — and fans are doing whatever they can to vote for GOY even though the band didn’t release any new material this year. (The MTV Unplugged album apparently doesn’t count because it’s all previously-released songs? So I understand.)

(Radio X photo via Cerberus Systems.)