On Twitter, a lot of Foo Fighters’ fans loved Gang of Youths

It looks like my nervousness was unfounded. GOY has wrapped up its run of seven shows as the Foo Fighters’ opening act and, based on a sampling of fan reaction on Twitter, things went very well. I kept an eye on Twitter throughout the 10 days or so that GOY was on tour with the Foos and here are some of the really positive tweets I saw:

Of course, not every tweet was glowing. There were some “they were okay” tweets, plus a few that weren’t happy with the acoustics while Gang of Youths played … but the tweets above are representative of the overall reaction. It looks like GOY made a lot of new fans and that’s definitely a Good Thing.

Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz is a big GOY fan

If anyone’s making a list of well-known GOY fans, make sure you put Adam Duritz on it. He’s the lead vocalist/songwriter for Counting Crows, one of my fave bands going back to the ’90s, and he raves about Gang of Youths on the latest episode of a podcast that he does with co-host James Campion.

The episode is titled “Gang of Youse” and Duritz/Campion spend a whopping 22 minutes — the final segment of the show — talking about GOY and playing a couple songs. I don’t want to spoil it by posting tons of quotes, but here’s how they finish the conversation:

Adam Duritz: I hope this catches on in America and I can’t encourage you all enough — go out and get this record or go on Spotify and listen to this record. It’s called Go Farther In Lightness. I think it’s from just last year…it’s so fucking good and this is the next — they’re the next U2 in some ways.

James Campion: They have a lot of U2 in there.

AD: They have that quality of vulnerability, of real emotion and feeling, and a shitload of epic, slamming rock and roll to go with it. And he is a great writer.

JC: He’s got a lot of Strummer in him.

AD: He does. A lot of Strummer, a lot of Springsteen —

JC: — all the guys that you love.

AD: This is a guy — this is a voice that’s worth listening to.

This is a podcast that’s worth listening to, as well. 🙂 Have a listen for yourself, the GOY conversation begins at about the 1:18:20 mark.

I’ve got no clue how many listeners that podcast has, but no matter — it’s high praise coming from another successful musician/songwriter. And just speaking as a fan, it’s really cool to hear Duritz and Campion identifying with a lot of the same lyrics and themes that caught my eyes/ears when I first discovered GOY and Go Farther In Lightness.

(Adam Duritz photo by Alex Cason Photography. Used via Creative Commons.)

Gang of Youths get two 2018 ARIA Award nominations

GOY picked up two nominations for the 2018 ARIA Awards today:

  • Best Australian Live Act (for the 2017 National Tour)
  • Best Video (for “The Heart Is A Muscle”)

These nominations are in addition to the four awards the band collected at last year’s ARIAs.

This year’s awards will take place on November 28 at the Star Event Centre in Sydney — that’s an off day on the band’s upcoming Australian tour. The awards show will be on Nine Network in Australia.