Did you catch Gang of Youths on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert?

We’re catching up on news after a super busy week, but we weren’t too busy to watch The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last Wednesday night. That’s the night when GOY closed the show with a fantastic version of “The Angel of 8th Ave.”

If you missed it, or just want to watch again, here it is.

Unlike most musical performances on The Late Show (and other late-night programs in the U.S.), this was pre-recorded instead of happening live in front of the studio audience. From what we understand, Gang of Youths recorded this the first week of November in London. (Because it wasn’t a performance in front of a live audience, we’re not adding it to our database of GOY live gigs.)

You may notice an extra musician in some of the camera shots — a guy playing acoustic guitar. As Tom Hobden told GOY fan Jo M., that’s a friend of the band named Louis. Tom also said that Louis will “definitely” be on the road next year with the band.

This is Gang of Youths’ second appearance on U.S. late-night TV. In March 2018, they performed “What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?” on Late Night with Seth Myers.

Gang of Youths stars in new Everton FC video, “Singing the Blues”

The mystery is over. Nearly two months later, we now see the first fruits of that Gang of Youths visit to Everton FC’s Finch Farm practice facility on August 5th.

Everton has published a 21-minute video recap of the day that features clips of the band around the facility, some interview bits about the band, their love of football/soccer (and Joji’s love of Everton, especially) and a 3-song acoustic performance from Dave and Joji. They’re calling it “Singing the Blues,” a reference to the team’s primary color.

We’ve filled out our concert detail page for this performance, but let me save you a click by posting the song list here:

  • Fear And Trembling
  • Bernard Will Tear You Apart
  • The Heart Is A Muscle

That middle track is a shortened and modified version of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” with Dave changing the lyrics to reference Everton’s player, Bernard.

It all looks and sounds great and introduces the band to a potentially large, new audience, which is always cool to see. Here’s the video — enjoy!

Video: Watch Gang of Youths join Mumford & Sons to cover The Middle East’s “Blood”

For a lot of Gang of Youths fans, “Blood” is that fantastic cover song that the band did on Triple J’s “Like A Version” series in 2017.

Going forward, it might become that fantastic cover song Gang of Youths did live on stage with Mumford & Sons.

In case you didn’t catch the news on social media, it happened at the end of Thursday’s gig in Lisbon — the first show of Mumford’s Delta Tour, with Gang of Youths as the support act. Gang of Youths had long since finished their opening set, and Mumford & Sons was wrapping things up with what became a 6-song encore.

For the third song of the encore, M&S invited Gang of Youths to return to the stage and together the two bands played a beautiful version of The Middle East’s “Blood.” Here are a couple versions that fans have posted:

As far as we know, it’s the first time either band has performed the song live in concert. It sounded like they’d done it a hundred times or more — together.

And here’s a cool nugget of info to wrap things up: Way back in 2010, Mumford & Sons did a month-long North American tour in support of its first album. The opening act for all those shows? The Middle East. And during at least one of the shows, Mumford & Sons invited The Middle East to play a song together during their encore. Crazy coincidence, huh?