Confirmed: Gang of Youths releasing “The Angel of 8th Ave.” on June 15

No more speculation and guessing. Gang of Youths has confirmed today that they’ll release “The Angel of 8th Ave.” next Tuesday, June 15 at 5 pm GMT.

It’s great to have a date and time, but the weird thing is that we still don’t really know two important bits of info — what is going to be released, and where/how it’s going to be released.

In other words, is “The Angel of 8th Ave.” just a single (like we’ve been saying) or is it the name of the new album? And if it’s a single, is it going to premiere on some big radio show (Zane Lowe/Apple Music) or is it just gonna drop across all the streaming platforms at that time?

In any case, it’s great to know the band is releasing something next week. Can’t wait!