Did Gang of Youths just reveal a release date for “The Angel of 8th Ave.”?

The intrigue grows!

As I type this, every Gang of Youths song on Spotify has a short video clip that loops in the background while the song plays. The clip is about 8-10 seconds long, and appears to have a date/time reveal — June 15, 2021 at 17:00 GMT.

The date and time only flash on the screen for a brief moment, so we made a screenshot and added to the end of this clip.

We assume that’s when the band will release its new single, “The Angel of 8th Ave.,” or perhaps the full album? Hmmmm. Album releases are generally done on Friday, and June 15 is next Tuesday. So the guess here is not an album.

Whatever is happening, it’s great to have a date to look forward to. Now we can speculate together for the next 8 days — fun!!

BTW, huge thanks to GOY fan Evelyn Villanueva for discovering this and sharing it in the GOY Appreciation group on Facebook. Great find!