Gang of Youths’ 2023 Plans: More Touring, Including Asia

If your schedule didn’t quite match up this year with Gang of Youths’ tour itinerary, good news: You might get another chance to catch the band live in 2023.

Speaking this past Saturday before they played the Mad Cool Festival in Madrid, Dave and Tom told NME that the band will be on the road “quite a bit” next year — including shows in Asia. Here’s how they replied when NME’s Sam Moore asked about their plans after this year’s tour. (Note: I’m editing out the inside jokes and off-topic quips in between these quotes.)

Tom: The touring’s gonna carry-on next year quite a bit.

Dave: Yeah, more touring…We’re gonna tour, like loads. We’ll do Australia, the UK, and then we’ll do Europe again. And then it’s all over Asia, I think, next year.

Tom: We’re gonna try it, yeah, some Asian shows.

Gang of Youths has never formally toured in Asia, but they have played two gigs on the Asian continent. The first was at the House of Vans festival in Hong Kong in 2015; the second was at the 2017 Laneway Festival in Singapore.

BTW, as a North American resident, I’m not worried about the lack of mentions of my home continent. It would be a shock if the band tours most of the world next year while ignoring North America.

If you want to hear this brief exchange yourself, it begins at about the 8:45 mark in the interview below. And props to Sam Moore for asking the question; the band has done a few interviews during their current run of festivals, and no one has yet asked about future plans.

(Header photo by Drew de F Fawkes and used via Creative Commons.)