Gang of Youths at Alhambra Lounge in Brisbane on Thursday, May 15, 2014

(Opening acts: Twin Haus, MT Warning)



  1. Evangelists
  2. Riverlands
  3. Poison Drum

Comments: Here’s what AAA Backstage said about GOY’s performance:

Gang of Youths finished off the night with a perfect balance of light and shade. Their signature snarl was reminiscent of The Killers and gave the crowd opportunities to truly experience the music as well as dance along to it. With a voice so evocative it could make even the manliest of men feel something, Riverlands gave everyone a chance to catch their breath and reflect on the more emotional moments of their lives. Evangelists, an indie rock slow jam rounded off the night nicely along with Poison Drum which gave us a nice excuse to shout “I’m not afraid” at the top of our lungs to no one in particular.

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