Gang of Youths at Enmore Theatre in Sydney on April 9, 2016

(Opening acts: Day Wave, Spookyland)


  1. Rocky II
  2. Restraint & Release
  3. Poison Drum
  4. Native Tongue
  5. Benevolence Riots
  6. Kansas
  7. Knuckles White Dry (Dave solo)
  8. Sjamboksa
  9. The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows
  10. Magnolia


  1. Strange Diseases
  2. Radioface
  3. Vital Signs

Comments: Justine McNamara reviews the show for The AU Review:

There’s nothing quite like watching a band grateful for where they are, who love playing together. All members move around the stage throughout the night, and jam together. Le’aupepe thanks everyone for coming out and mentions they couldn’t even sell out Goodgod Small Club (RIP) a short time ago, clearly moved and ‘tearing up right now’.

Videos, Photos, etc.

Best Before has a review and photos from the show.