Gang of Youths at Frankie’s Pizza in Sydney on Sunday, April 19, 2015



  1. Radioface
  2. Magnolia
  3. Benevolence Riots (with Montaigne)

Comments: GOY does a free gig celebrating the release (two days earlier) of The Positions. Here’s some of what Erin Rooney wrote for Vinyl Garden:

The band’s gratitude for how far they’ve come made the whole venue feel like it was filled with a fan family, with Dave running to hug everyone in the crowd that he could. It was a special gig, because it could be one of the last of that size they ever play.

Vinyl Garden has a couple photos at that link above, too.

Here’s some of Life Without Andy’s review:

The seemingly tormented soul of their vocalist David Leaupepe burns through the layers of instrumental genius in every track, creating a perfect contrast against some of the more up-tempo tracks from the album. Every effort from the LP is as emotionally overwhelming and significant as the next to follow.