Gang of Youths at Newport Hotel in Fremantle on Sunday, September 13, 2015

(Opening acts: GRRL PAL, Fait)


(likely incomplete)

  1. Restraint & Release
  2. Poison Drum
  3. Kansas
  4. Knuckles White Dry
  5. All My Friends
  6. Radioface
  7. Magnolia


  1. Vital Signs

Comments: The Interns has a small photo gallery and a review of the show. Ben Kyi writes:

That being said, Gang of Youths’ music is largely defiant and suitable grandiose in scale. The band are more akin to crafting the sprawling epic than the short and punchy rock song. This is all adapted to the stage with flying colours and for a band that is only a few years old, it is pretty damn exciting to think of what the future may hold for this young outfit.