Gang of Youths at Newtown Social Club in Sydney on Friday, May 16, 2014

(Opening act: Tim Fitz Music, MT Warning)



  1. Evangelists
  2. Riverlands
  3. Poison Drum

Comments: Here’s part of a fairly lengthy recap in The AU Review:

The live show sit somewhere aesthetically between the grandness of Springsteen and the sharp wiriness of The Strokes. Leaupepe’s vocals are the giddily great combination of rasping and beaten, but still powerful and clear. They throughout and enable the group to really set their scope to some epic soundscapes. “Poison Drum” was particularly ambitious and built over its seven minutes to a conclusion that would satiate any rock fan.

Playing an hour long setlist would seem indulgent of almost any band that hasn’t yet released a record. Gang of Youths weren’t being indulgent. Not a minute of the setlist felt strained or remotely boring, each note further hammering in their promise as next big things.

Videos, Photos, etc.

Here’s a Facebook photo album with pictures from the gig.