Gang of Youths at Northcote Social Club in Melbourne on Thursday, August 14, 2014

(Opening acts: Spookyland, The Trotskies)




Comments: Here’s some of what Gin Ahmad said on Casual Band Blogger:

Continuing with a consistent full sound, Gang of Youths had the expectant crowd in the palm of their hands but were as humble as ever. At least twice they thanked the attendees for coming out and for allowing them to be able to share their sounds across Australia. As the synthesizer began to get more of a work out within the middle of the set a few softer tracks brought the mood down slightly and Gang of Youths were able to showcase the complete extent of their talents. Leaning a little toward sounding like U2 at times, Gang of Youths are definitely an act to check out live.

Videos, Photos, etc.

Lucinda Goodwin Photography published a few dozen photos on Casual Band Blogger. She also published a few band portraits on her own site.