Gang of Youths at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Friday, May 15, 2015

(Opening acts: Ecca Vandal, Big White)


  1. Man! I Feel Like A Woman! (abbreviated/snippet)
  2. Restraint & Release
  3. Poison Drum
  4. Sjamboksa
  5. Benevolence Riots (with Montaigne)
  6. Knuckles White Dry (Dave solo)
  7. The Overpass
  8. Riverlands (Dave solo)
  9. Radioface
  10. Magnolia


  1. A Case of You (Dave solo)
  2. Evangelists
  3. Vital Signs

Comments: Gang of Youths launches an Australian tour in support of its debut album, The Positions, which was released in mid-April. The show begins with the band doing a very abbreviated version of Shania Twain’s hit, “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” (see video below) George Palathingal reviewed the show in the Sydney Morning Herald:

Perhaps obviously, given they’re still in their early 20s, Gang of Youths are still a little rough around the edges, and their songs are not yet quite of world-slaying quality – but they are worth keeping an eye on. They clearly want to be huge and there’s enough promise here to suggest there’s no reason they couldn’t be.

Michael Lean of The AU Review loved the show:

The events that inspired these songs may be bleak, writ from death and suffering, but the songs are life affirming and uplifting. None more so than “Magnolia”, written by Le’aupepe at his lowest ebb. The song has become a defiant anthem, the sort of song that leaves you walking out of the venue feeling as if you could conquer the world.

The Brag also gave the show a positive review:

Frontman Dave Leaupepe is obviously overjoyed by the reaction their hour-long, ten-track debut has garnered. A little too much, if his banter to the crowd is anything to go on, filled with clichés like “Live your dreams” and “Don’t let the man tell you what to do”. But they play unashamed, heart-on-their-sleeves rock, so why should the banter be any different?

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