Gang of Youths at Oxford Art Factory in Sydney on Tuesday, June 2, 2015

(Opening act: Death Bells)


(May be incomplete or out of order)

  1. Restraint & Release
  2. Poison Drum
  3. Benevolence Riots (with Montaigne)
  4. Sjamboksa
  5. The Overpass
  6. Riverlands (Dave solo)
  7. Knuckles White Dry (Dave solo)
  8. Evangelists
  9. Radioface
  10. Magnolia


  1. All My Friends
  2. Vital Signs

Comments: Here’s some of what Adrian Pedic wrote about the show on Something You Said:

When Gang of Youths took the stage at Oxford Art Factory for the last show of the tour for their debut album, The Positions, there was a change. Their demeanour and stage presence was nothing but confident, with none of the weariness or exhaustion that could be expected – it was the high-energy, highly involved performance that you would expect.

Edmond Wiafe recapped and reviewed the show for Best Before:

Taking a moment to greet the crowd, we were met with immense gratitude as the band who once bashed away to handfuls of unfamiliar onlookers at the Annandale Hotel now marveled at the buzzing energy of another sold out show. “I know it’s a Tuesday, but I don’t wanna act like it’s a Tuesday,” Dave exclaimed, just before the penetrating Americana guitar lines of “Poison Drum” filled our ears.

Videos, Photos, etc.

Howl & Echoes has a photo gallery from the show, as does the review above from Best Before.