Gang of Youths at Uni Bar in Adelaide on Friday, September 4, 2015

(Opening acts: I Know Leopard, Zefereli)


(possibly incomplete)

  1. Restraint & Release
  2. Poison Drum
  3. Benevolence Riots
  4. Sjamboksa
  5. Kansas
  6. Knuckles White Dry
  7. All My Friends
  8. Radioface
  9. Magnolia


  1. Vital Signs

Comments: Nicole Wedding wrote about the show for The AU Review:

By the end of the show Le’aupepe continued to dance, interact with the audience and, much to the thrill of those in attendance, crowd surf. At one point he even poked fun at how encores have become standard practice for bands in 2015… and then proceeded to perform one. And it’s this down-to-earth attitude – paired with incredible talent – that characterises the band. Willing to be exposed, but never so self-important that audiences don’t have a good time; one gets the sense that Gang of Youths will only continue to soar.

The AU Review also has a photo gallery from the show.