Gang of Youths cancels Bushstock Festival gig due to technical issues

Gang of Youths has been forced to cancel tonight’s performance at the Bushstock Festival in London due to “technical issues” at the venue.

The band posted a message on its social media accounts shortly before their scheduled start time of 8:30 p.m. explaining that technical issues had made it unsafe for the show to go on:

Due to technical issues at the K West Hotel, we will no longer be performing tonight at Bushstock festival. Our team and Bushstock have worked tirelessly to try and fix the issue but unfortunately it couldn’t be resolved and it was deemed unsafe for ourselves, our fans and our team. We love you and are deeply sorry!! ❤️

The first signs of trouble came about 2.5 hours before Gang of Youths was due to play. The festival’s Twitter account posted that the Courtyard venue (outside the K West Hotel) had been closed temporarily.

A festival attendee tweeted moments later that fans had just been “thrown out because of an electrical fault.”

As you can imagine, that prompted all kinds of questions from other festivalgoers. At one point, the Bushstock account told one fan “we hope so” when asked if the venue would reopen, and added the detail about technical problems at the stage.

That message was repeated numerous times until the official announcement went out about one hour before GOY’s scheduled start time.

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade

Since they couldn’t play, the band quickly came up with a Plan B.

Several fans have been posting photos and videos on social media showing various band members mingling with fans, taking photos, signing autographs, etc., after the announcement. The autographs were being signed on vinyl copies of Go Farther In Lightness that the band was giving away for free!

Toni Maree shared this video with us:

How cool is that??!!

Meanwhile, we’ve reached out to the band for more information about the situation that led to the decision to call off the show; if we hear back, we’ll update this article.

Other artists were also affected by the situation at the Courtyard. Ider and Mosa Wild — both due on the same stage before GOY’s set — had their performances moved to the end of the night at a different Bushstock venue.

Finally, the Bushstock Twitter account is directing fans to email presents @ with questions about getting a refund.

UPDATE, JUNE 18: Please see our updated story, Bushstock Festival explains why Gang of Youths’ gig was canceled.