7 Years Ago Today: Gang of Youths’ First ‘Proper’ Concert

It was seven years ago tonight that Gang of Youths played what’s considered its first “proper” gig.

It happened on June 21, 2012, in Surry Hills, a suburb of Sydney, at a venue called Hibernian House. GOY was one of two acts that were opening for Tigertown* — the other was The Falls. Tickets were just $10 and GOY was first to go on stage at 6:15 pm. I only know that because it’s mentioned in GOY’s first-ever Facebook post a week earlier to promote the show:

GOY’s set got a short write-up on the website Aussie Playlist, where the author very presciently called them “a band to watch.”

The first act to hit the stage was Gang of Youths, playing their first proper gig. With the room not as packed as the band deserved, they proceeded to get things rolling in what turned out to be a powerful and emotional set. Gang of Youths delivered a pretty cool guitar dominated sound, complete with some sexy harmonies, and some driving beats thrown in just to give the guitars some context. They didn’t hold back on the theatrics either, with frontman David Leaupepe putting on a stomping good show up the front. These guys will definitely be a band to watch.

I don’t see an author’s name on that review, but s/he pretty much nailed it, don’cha think?

Happy first-proper-gig anniversary, GOY. Cheers to many more!

*We should mention that Tigertown’s drummer at the time was Kurt Bailey, who is now Gang of Youths’ manager. You can see Kurt and the band in this CMJ video from 2013.