Gang of Youths at Subterranean in Chicago on March 30, 2018

(Opening act: Common Holly)


  1. Fear And Trembling
  2. Atlas Drowned
  3. The Heart Is A Muscle
  4. Sjamboksa
  5. Keep Me In The Open
  6. Persevere
  7. Let Me Down Easy
  8. Magnolia
  9. Vital Signs
  10. What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
  11. The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows
  12. Do Not Let Your Spirit Wane
  13. Go Farther In Lightness
  14. Say Yes To Life

Comments: Writing in Third Coast Review, Nicholas Blashill says…

While their performance on Friday lacked the elaborate string arrangements that helped to distinguish the album, their performance maintained the album’s energy, earnestness, and ambition. Much in the way that the album ultimately revolves around lead singer David Le’aupepe’s poetic songwriting, their performance centered on his charisma. He proved to be a stellar live rock n’ roll frontman, working the crowd with zeal while never taking himself too seriously.

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Thanks to Greg D. for sharing the video clips above with Deepest Sighs.

(Photo gallery above courtesy Dave Jennings.)