Gang of Youths to do acoustic set in London for Big Sleep Out

Just when you thought we’d seen the last of Gang of Youths on stage this decade, there’s this surprise: The band is set to perform an acoustic set in London as part of The World’s Big Sleep Out.

It’ll happen in Trafalgar Square on December 7th. The London event is one of many happening around the world on the same day, all aimed at raising money and awareness to help the homeless. Participants sleep outside — in tents, sleeping bags, etc. — and enjoy a spot of entertainment before the ZZZZZZs.

The event’s official website has more info about the London event and a form to sign up as a participant. Tom Walker, Travis, and Dame Helen Mirren are also listed as London performers.

Despite how it’s being billed as “Gang of Youths,” this may not be the whole band performing. In the past, acoustic performances were often just Dave and Joji. But either way — full band or not — it raises the question: Who’s gonna play guitar? (This Instagram post from last week comes across as a big hint that Jung is going to replace Joji, don’t you think?)