Gang of Youths’ MTV Unplugged album to be released in U.S. before Christmas

With GOY’s Say Yes To Life tour about to resume in Nashville, the good news continues for fans in North America. In addition to this weekend’s airing of the MTV Unplugged show in the U.S. comes the news that the album will be released on December 21, 2018 — just in time to make a perfect, last-minute Christmas gift.

Even better: It’s a combo package with both the 2-LP vinyl and the DVD. Bam!

The release is showing up online already. is taking pre-orders with a $30.98 (USD) price, while has pre-orders at $27.89. (There’s also a 3-disc listing on, but it doesn’t have a price or pre-order option as I type this.)

This is cool to see: an MTV airing right before the tour starts in the hopes of drumming up some extra visibility and interest, and then an album/DVD release less than a week after the tour ends in the hopes of taking advantage of the buzz and new fans that’ll surely be made over the two-week tour.