Gang of Youths announces new album, Angel in Realtime, plus new song and 2022 tour dates

What a day for band-related news!

If you were hoping to hear about a new album, a new song, and a world tour, today’s your lucky day.

The new album is called Angel In Realtime, and it’ll be released on February 25, 2022. The tracklist runs 13 songs, and interestingly enough includes the two new tracks that already came out on the Total Serene EP:

You In Everything
In The Wake Of Your Leave
The Angel Of 8th Ave.
Tend The Garden
The Kingdom Is Within You
Spirit Boy
The Man Himself
Hand Of God
Goal Of The Century

You’ve already heard “Angel of 8th Ave.,” “Unison,” and “The Man Himself,” and the band has also played “Brothers” in concert already.

You haven’t heard “Tend The Garden,” but you can hear it now because today’s news blitz also included that track as the second single from Angel In Realtime. It’s written from the perspective of Dave’s dad, Tattersall, and has a Tame Impala/Killers vibe IMO. Listen here:

In the video description, Dave says this about the track:

My dad was a gifted and passionate gardener. It’s where he funnelled a lot of his energy and sensitivity, and despite our humble surroundings, we were always surrounded by beauty. The journey he made from samoa to nz to australia was a difficult and inspiring one, but also fraught with mistakes, regret and terrible choices. I like to think he was building something beautiful, and pondering what life had given him in spite of his mistakes and concealment. We never knew his story until after he died, so this is the most poetic interpretation of his affinity for gardening that i could think of.

2022 World Tour

That’s not all. Shortly after Angel In Realtime is released, Gang of Youths will embark on a world tour that’ll run from March through September and take them from Europe to North America, then to Australia/New Zealand, and finally back to North America.

Time doesn’t allow me to retype the entire list of concerts, so here’s what the band shared on social media showing the full run of gigs:

If you need to see specific venues, you can find all of those on the band’s website.

In Europe and North America, the band seems to be playing (and this is a generalization, I know) mostly mid-sized clubs and theaters — 500 to 1,000 people or so.

What’s really cool is that in their homeland of Australia, Gang of Youths is finally playing big arenas! Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney holds 21,000 people; Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne holds almost 15,000. After setting a few attendance records when the band last played theaters in Australia, this is a logical progression and we’d love to see them in venues this size.

There’s a pre-sale for the tour that’s happening RIGHT NOW if you pre-order the album from the band’s official site. The general ticket sales start at 10 am local time next Friday, November 19th.

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