Gang of Youths’ new album “probably won’t come out this year”

Well, it looks like “patience” is gonna be the word of the year for fans awaiting Gang of Youths’ new album.

Appearing on the Communion Presents show Sunday night on Radio X, Dave Le’aupepe told host Mazin Tappuni that the band’s next album “probably won’t come out this year.”

Dave did confirm what we’ve known for a few months — the album’s name is already chosen. He also said he has “some song titles” and “at least scaffolds for a bunch of songs.” And he also suggested that the band may produce the album themselves.

Here’s the brief exchange about GOY’s next album.

And if you’re unable to watch/listen to that clip, here’s the text of the conversation:

Maz: In terms of new album and concepts, you say that you always come up with the name first. Are you there with a name?

Dave: Yeah. I got a name. I even got some song titles. And I got at least scaffolds for a bunch of songs. I’ve been able to shape something out of it, but I haven’t really settled on a sound or anything. It might just take time. It probably won’t come out this year, but it’s gonna be ready by this year. It’s gonna be ready by the end of the year, probably.

Maz: And do you know a producer?

Dave: Not sure yet. We might just do it ourselves, we don’t know.

We’ve updated our Gang of Youths new album page with today’s news, and suggest you bookmark that to keep track of the latest developments going forward

The band is home in London now and about to play four shows at the 800-capacity Islington Assembly Hall. After that, they’re on the road for nearly a month supporting Mumford & Sons across Europe. And then the band has a series of festivals lined up in the U.S. and Europe. Here’s a list of all upcoming Gang of Youths shows.