Gang of Youths sets new Enmore Theatre record

Six sold-out shows in one tour at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre? That’s never been done before. Well, until now.

Gang of Youths just set a new record with those six sellouts at the Enmore, according to The Music. The first of those six had to be postponed due to illness, but hey … a record is a record.

The Enmore holds 2,500 for a concert, so that means 15,000 tickets sold for this run of six shows. Earlier on the Say Yes To Life tour, GOY sold out eight shows at The Forum in Melbourne. With a capacity there of 2,000, that’s 16,000 tickets sold in Melbourne.

The numbers beg a question: Is it time for Gang of Youths to move up to bigger venues in Australia? Could they play bigger venues next time around (if they want to)? As a North American, I can’t claim to be super knowledgeable about Australian concert venues. So I’ve posed that same question in our forum: Time for bigger venues in Australia? Please chime in with your thoughts.

(Photo by Bruce via Creative Commons.)