Gang of Youths stars in new Everton FC video, “Singing the Blues”

The mystery is over. Nearly two months later, we now see the first fruits of that Gang of Youths visit to Everton FC’s Finch Farm practice facility on August 5th.

Everton has published a 21-minute video recap of the day that features clips of the band around the facility, some interview bits about the band, their love of football/soccer (and Joji’s love of Everton, especially) and a 3-song acoustic performance from Dave and Joji. They’re calling it “Singing the Blues,” a reference to the team’s primary color.

We’ve filled out our concert detail page for this performance, but let me save you a click by posting the song list here:

  • Fear And Trembling
  • Bernard Will Tear You Apart
  • The Heart Is A Muscle

That middle track is a shortened and modified version of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” with Dave changing the lyrics to reference Everton’s player, Bernard.

It all looks and sounds great and introduces the band to a potentially large, new audience, which is always cool to see. Here’s the video — enjoy!