Gang of Youths to stream London gig on TikTok this weekend

This is damn cool, not to mention kinda courageous.

Gang of Youths will stream tomorrow’s gig at Lafayette in London this weekend on TikTok. The show is going to be available on Sunday starting at 7:00 PM AEST, which equates to 10:00 AM in the UK and 5:00 AM ET here in the U.S. You’ll find the show by following @gangofyouths on TikTok (which you should totally already have been doing).

What I’m not sure of is whether the show/video will be available outside of the premiere-time window. I think the typical “live” video on TikTok disappears after the live stream ends, so there’s a chance this is a one-chance-to-see-it thing. Hope I’m wrong.

The reason I say this is kinda courageous is that it’s been 18 months since Gang of Youths has played a live gig. They have a new band member who’s only played three live gigs with them so far. And they (presumably) have at least a couple new songs that they’ll be playing live for the first time. Add all that up and you’d understand completely if the band wanted to kinda lay low for a show or two. But no, they’re gonna record this gig, probably clean it up a bit in editing if needed, and then show it to the world on TikTok. Hell yeah.

The other thing that’s really interesting to me is the timing. They have a single that’s climbing the charts here in the US and a label that no doubt wants them to do well here, but they’re putting it online in the wee hours of the morning when pretty much no one will be able to watch as it happens. The fact that it’s a 7:00 PM start in Australia tells you this is primarily for the home audience, and it makes me think there’ll be an announcement on Monday (or sometime soon) about something happening in Australia. Maybe the new More Perfect Union festival or some shows there? The mind races….