Gary Lightbody’s (of Snow Patrol) top listen of 2018? Gang of Youths

If you’re on social media these days, you’ve probably seen people posting their 2018 listening stats from Spotify — they’re pretty much impossible to miss at this point.

I was searching around on Instagram this morning and found one of those posts from none other than Gary Lightbody, lead singer of the Irish band Snow Patrol. His #1 listen of the year? Gang of Youths.

Pretty remarkable, too, because Lightbody tweeted about discovering GOY in early August, so he’s obviously done a lot of listening in about four months.

And I’ll wrap up this trip down “celebrity GOY fan lane” by linking back to this old article of ours from before DS officially launched: Counting Crows’ Adam Duritz is a big GOY fan.

(For the record, I started listening to GOY in late April and they ended up being my #2 listen of the year.)