Help Wanted! We’re looking for contributors

You wanted to fight for a cause? Then come in and join Deepest Sighs!

Don’t stop, don’t stop — keep reading. We write stuff about this band we believe in.

It’s a great time, time spent with us. We’re cool fans who love songs with great lyrics.

You can join the cowards all aboard the outrage train, or you can join Deepest Sighs, and come drinking in the rain.

We want someone to want us for who we are. We want fans who’ll try and not let us down easy, easy tonight. Easy, easy tonight….

Hi Gang of Youths fans! Hope you enjoyed our little riff on “Let Me Down Easy” and even more, we hope you’ll think about joining us on this fun journey as we share our love and appreciation for Gang of Youths with fans all over the world.

If you’re interested in sharing and expressing your fandom with others, here are some of the ways you can contribute to Deepest Sighs:


Write a guest article(s). We’re looking for interesting fan stories to share. We know the band’s music means a great deal to many of you for very personal reasons. If you’re willing to share that with the world, why not share it here? It could be a personal story about something the band’s songs have helped you overcome, or something the music has helped you understand … or something on the lighter side that other fans would love to read about.

Or, if you love to write and can write on a consistent basis — news, features, interviews, etc. — we’re open to adding regular staff/contributors to the team.


Share your concert photos with us for permanent archiving here on Deepest Sighs. We know it’s fun to share pics on social media, but after a day or two they’re never seen again. We’re hosting photo albums from fans that you can refer to time and time again — see the Nashville photos that Jones Willingham shared with us, or the Indianapolis photos that Michelle Watson shared. We’d love to add your photos, too!


Similarly, if you have full-song concert videos, we’d love to share them on our YouTube channel.


Participate in the Gang of Youths fan forum here on DS. We have a neat group of fans from around the world posting in the forum, and we’d love to have your input there, too. Start some discussions, join existing conversations or add to our growing collection of Gang of Youths GIFs.

Hidden Talents?

If you have some other talent (drawing, making videos, Photoshopping hysterical memes, etc.) that you think fans would enjoy, tell us about it. We’re keeping things in the open.

We’re looking for people warm and smart, with a heart in first and a soul behind. If that’s you, drop us a note today and let us know how you want to contribute. Respond to the call while there’s speakers in the outfield blasting out your favorite song. We can’t wait to hear from you!

(Photo by Bruce via Creative Commons.)