LFG! Gang of Youths updates its socials

Go off, kings! Gang of Youths has updated all of its social media profiles with new images. #heavyheavysighofrelief

The updates come just two days after all of those profiles were wiped clean, leading to a mix of fan anxiety/excitement/speculation … which included all of us here at Deepest Sighs.

Shall we analyze? Of course, that’s what fan sites are for!

Love the cover photo of the band. Is there some imagery in the color combo, or is that just my American bias speaking? Is there a reason they’re all dressed up like high-powered business execs? Or a 5-man legal team?

The profile photo sure looks like a punching bag, doesn’t it? Is there a message in that? Is the band the one punching the bag, or the one getting punched? The mind races.

Anyway … this is great news all around. LFG!!!!!!!