LISTEN: Gang of Youths’ does a BBC “Sofa Session” with Jo Whiley

It’s been a busy and important week in the Gang of Youths universe, from the Triple J “Hottest 100” in Australia (more on that in our next post) to the world premiere of the “In The Wake Of Your Leave” video, and to some great exposure on the BBC.

For starters, “In The Wake” was Greg James’ “song of the week” on the BBC Radio 1 morning show, which was a huge shot of exposure for the band’s newest single. Then on Wednesday, Gang of Youths was the guest performer on “Sofa Session” during Jo Whiley’s program on BBC Radio 2.

The band spent a full hour live in the studio with Whiley, and did four live songs that were broken up by interview/conversation segments. Nothing super newsworthy from the talk segments, although there was one really funny bit where Whiley gave the band a “How well do you know Australia?” quiz. There were laughs and jokes galore as you can imagine. (The band did kinda poorly on the quiz but tbh a lot of the questions predated them.)

Anyway, the reason you’re reading this is because you want to hear what the band performed! You can listen to the whole show until about mid-February right on the BBC website. The live tracks they performed, in order, were:

  1. In The Wake Of Your Leave (first live performance!)
  2. The Angel Of 8th Ave.
  3. What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out?
  4. That’s Life (Frank Sinatra cover)

“In The Wake Of Your Leave” sounded great, especially considering the band had yet to play it live. And the cover of “That’s Life” was off-the-charts cool. We all need to appreciate how good GOY is at covering other artists’ songs; not everyone is good at that, and IMO few are as great as Gang of Youths.

We added the performance to our live gigs database, and also made the songs available on our YouTube channel. To save you a click, you can listen below.