(Listen) London billboards are promoting a 30-second teaser of “The Angel of 8th Ave.”

Let’s just cut to the chase. If you want to hear a teaser of what we think is the first 30 seconds of “The Angel of 8th Ave.” — AND TRUST ME, YOU DO — call the UK phone number that you see on the billboard above. If you need a little help, it’s +44-741-214-4485. (If you’re on your phone, hopefully just clicking that will work. Oh, and don’t blame us for those awful international dialing fees. ?)

Here’s the backstory ….

The photo of that billboard showed up today on the band’s IG story … and in Max’s … and others’, too. No clue if it’s the only billboard around London that went up today, but I’d assume there are others.

When you call, you’ll hear the first 30 seconds of what we think is the band’s new single, “The Angel of 8th Ave.”

Fan Site To The Rescue!

After we shared the photo on social media, a lot of our fellow GOY fans were reluctant to call because of those international costs. Can’t blame them. BUT … I’m pretty sure my mobile plan includes international calls to most countries (guess we’ll find out soon if I’m right), so I called and made this recording.

Mind you, the audio quality ain’t all that great. It’s an international call coming through an iPhone speaker and being recorded with an iPad’s microphone … so you’ll need to use your imagination of what the actual audio sounds like.

I think it sounds f**king awesome, warts and all. In the last few seconds, you can hear a killer bass line from Max, and then a really gorgeous acoustic guitar drops in over the main track….so damn good.

Now let’s get the full song out next week, shall we?