Mumford & Sons releasing “Blood” cover on vinyl with Gang of Youths

Mumford & Sons is releasing a limited edition vinyl single on November 29 and it includes none other than Gang of Youths on the b-side. (I mean, we wouldn’t be reporting it if GOY wasn’t involved, right?)

The single is a track called “Blind Leading The Blind,” and side B features the bands’ live collaboration on “Blood” — a song they played together every night this year when GOY was support act on the Delta tour. This is presumably the same version (from Stockholm this past spring) that Mumford released on YouTube a few months ago.

The 7-inch single will come on red vinyl and there are only 1,000 copies available. You can pre-order right now via the M&S online store.

It’s staggering to think about the amount of publicity that Gang of Youths has earned this year via Mumford & Sons. They toured together twice, playing 23 shows in Europe, the U.S., and Mexico. Mumford released a video of “Blood” on YouTube — a video that currently has more than 312,000 views as I type this. And now they’re including GOY and that same live collaboration on a limited-edition vinyl single.

On behalf of fans everywhere who want to see GOY become known around the world, thanks Mumford & Sons.

If you’ve somehow not yet seen/heard the Stockholm video, here you go.