Gang of Youths new album

This page is a running collection of information about Gang of Youths’ next studio album. We’ll update this whenever we get new information. If you have a quote or news item about the new Gang of Youths album, please contact us.

Album title: unknown

Album release date: unknown

Producer(s): unknown

Album cover: unknown

Tracklist: unknown

Confirmed songs: none yet

Latest News

November 28, 2018: Dave co-hosted Zane Lowe’s radio show on Beats 1 and the subject of GOY’s next album came up during the conversation. Dave revealed that he already knows the name of the album and wants it finished in 2019:

“There’s gonna be something. I’ve got everything conceptually with the album, including a name, but not necessarily songs. I don’t want to stagnate, though. I think that’s the other thing that like — I kind of want to at least get this third album done by next year. That’s really fucking important to me.”

Lowe asked, but Dave wouldn’t give away the album name … at least not on-air. Here’s an abbreviated version of the quote above: