Gang of Youths new album

This page is a running collection of information about Gang of Youths’ next studio album. We’ll update this whenever we get new information. If you have a quote or news item about the new Gang of Youths album, please contact us.

Album title: Angel In Realtime

Album release date: February 25, 2022

Producer(s): Gang of Youths with Peter Hutchings (“In The Wake Of Your Leave” and “The Man Himself”) and Peter Katis (“In The Wake Of Your Leave”)


  1. You In Everything
  2. In The Wake Of Your Leave
  3. The Angel Of 8th Ave.
  4. Returner
  5. Unison
  6. Tend The Garden
  7. The Kingdom Is Within You
  8. Spirit Boy
  9. Brothers
  10. Forbearance
  11. The Man Himself
  12. Hand Of God
  13. Goal Of The Century

Album cover:

Latest New Album News

February 8, 2022: In addition to Angel In Realtime, February 25 will also see the release of a 7-inch vinyl featuring a new demo called “A Fantastic Death” and an alternate version of “The Angel Of 8th Ave.”

November 10, 2021: Gang of Youths announced its new album, Angel In Realtime, today. They also premiered a new song, “Tend The Garden,” and announced world tour dates in Europe, North America, and Australia/New Zealand spanning much of 2022.

November 2, 2021: An NME article about the “Man Himself” video suggests the new album won’t be released until “the early months of 2022.”

September 13, 2021: Uproxx has published a lengthy conversation about the new album between Dave and writer Steven Hyden. Among the highlights of their conversation, Dave compares his approach to the new Gang of Youths album to what U2 accomplished 30 years with Achtung Baby:

I kind of had that feeling of, yeah, this is like our Achtung Baby. It is that frame of mind I’m trying to work with here because, sonically at least, it’s a way for us to dive into something completely un-Gang of Youthsy.

And later…

What Achtung Baby is is an album that both reinforces everything that U2 are about but also strips away everything they’re about. This contrasting, fucking evolving, multi-cellular organism, fucking thing, it is Achtung Baby.

For those unfamiliar, U2 described Achtung Baby on many occasions as “the sound of four men chopping down The Joshua Tree” — i.e., an album where U2 wanted to destroy expectations of what they should sound like.

Dave also talks more about the Maori and Pasifika influences on the album, his dad’s story, and why the album has taken so long to complete.

August 15, 2021: Fans are wondering if today’s TikTok stream of the band’s recent London gig included a spoiler on the name of the album: The Man Himself. Here’s our story.

August 12, 2021: At tonight’s gig in London, Gang of Youths played three new songs live for the first time: “The Angel Of 8th. Ave” and “Unison” from the Total Serene EP, and an unreleased track called “Brothers.” Dave introduced the song this way:

This one is about my father. And like many Black and Indigenous men, he has a fractured story. This song is about my dad, my sister, and my two brothers.

Though not confirmed, “Brothers” seems like a strong candidate to appear on the new album.

August 7, 2021: Dave spoke about the new album’s Pasifika and Maori influences in an interview on RNZ (Radio New Zealand):

The record kind of takes place, I guess, from about 2017 to now, and within that time my father died. I went looking for all the stuff in his life that was sort of missing, and I think a lot of it is to deal with Pasifika identity, Maori identity.


The record is sort of dealing with Indigenous identity, me identifying very strongly with that heritage and my father. Being Samoan, and being Pasifika and Maori is a rare thing to be in kind of the belly of the colonial beast if that makes sense?

Later in the conversation, it becomes clear that “in the belly of the colonial beast” is a reference to the band being based in London.

July 15, 2021: Gang of Youths surprise-dropped an EP today, Total Serene. It includes two new tracks (“The Angel of 8th Ave.” and “Unison”) and a cover of Elbow’s “Asleep in the Back.” Though the band hasn’t said one way or another, we’re assuming the new tracks will not be included on their upcoming album.

June 15, 2021: Gang of Youths released a single today, “The Angel of 8th Ave.” It’s the band’s first new music since 2017. The release didn’t include an album announcement, but the notes related to their appearance on Apple Music’s “New Music Daily” program mention that an EP will be released in July. The name, date, tracklist, etc., for that are unknown at this point.

Though there wasn’t an album announcement today, the band’s next album was the subject of a lot of discussion during promo appearances. On that same “New Music Daily” show, Dave L. told Zane Lowe that GOY is still working on the album because “nothing with me is ever done.” Echoing recent comments from Adam Duritz, he also said the band has “scrapped the album twice and restarted.”

In a separate interview on Australia’s Triple J radio, Dave hinted that the new album will be out “in the next year or so” and said it’ll sound “extremely different or could potentially polarise people.”

In the press release for “Angel of 8th,” Jung expands on that, saying “we’re doing things that have never really made an appearance in Gang of Youths.” Also in the press release, Max makes comments that sure look like a swipe at the record company over deadlines. He describes the new music is headed “in a less safe direction and it’s going to be more in line with Dave’s actual vision, rather than Dave pumping something out to get a deadline met.”

May 21, 2021: In a feature on the music website Consequence, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows uses the word “scrapped” to describe … something:

I sang all over the new Gang of Youths record, and then they scrapped it. I’m going to have to go back after the pandemic and sing more.

It’s not clear if he’s saying the whole album is scrapped or just his contributions. We sent an Instagram DM to GOY manager Kurt Bailey asking him to comment on what Duritz said, and he shared this reply: “Not scrapped.”

May 16, 2021: In an interview with Forbes, Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz revealed that he sings on the new Gang of Youths album.

November 5, 2020: A new video from F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo includes a couple of short clips of new Gang of Youths songs, and also suggests that Ricciardo and a couple friends might get credited as album contributors.

October 23, 2020: In a letter sent to fans, Max says the band has “spent this raging bin-fire of a year getting our shit together and recording our third album.” He says they’re working in a leased space in London.

April 2, 2020: Not so much hard news about album dates, names, etc., but in a new podcast interview, Dave speaks at length about the battles and tensions he’s dealing with as he is/was writing the new Gang of Youths album. Click the link for our transcript of his comments.

February 28, 2020: Gang of Youths spent today at Roundhead Studios in Auckland, New Zealand, recording with members of the Auckland Gospel Choir — or perhaps watching the choir record vocals that will presumably be used on the band’s new album. An Instagram post from the studio’s account says, “What a fantastic day! @gangofyouths recording in Studio A with the Auckland Gospel Choir.”

January 6, 2020: Appearing on the Carry the Fire podcast, Dave confirms again that Gang of Youths will have a new album out in 2020, and will also tour to support the album. He goes into more depth about his dad’s impact on the songs, comparing his songwriting to an “anthropological journey.” Perhaps most interestingly, he also reveals that the upcoming promotional cycle for this new album will see Gang of Youths active into 2022.

We will release something next year, swear to God … cross my heart. We are going to go to New Zealand in February. I’m going to visit some of my dad’s family. I don’t know what we’re playing or doing there. We’ll be touring, not like tons next year, ’cause we’ll still be working on this fucking monstrosity (gestures toward studio). But yeah … 2020/2021 we’ll be doing stuff, into early 2022. And then I intend on retiring and becoming a pig farmer. We’ll see how it goes. [laughs]

(Note: the bit above about releasing something “next year” is because the conversation was recorded in mid-December 2019.)

October 6, 2019: In a recent interview with Reuters, Dave confirms that he’s writing material about his dad for the band’s next album:

This record’s gonna be about my father and how he died, and how he lived, and everything I found out about him. That’s the only thing I can really write about. It’s gonna be about him … and about people I love.

September 21, 2019: During last night’s gig in Los Angeles, Dave told the audience that Gang of Youths will have a new album (and tour) in 2020.

July 1, 2019: Gang of Youths is in the studio working on new material. The news comes via two short Instagram story clips posted by Australian race car driver — and big GOY fan — Daniel Ricciardo.

May 23, 2019: In an interview with RIFF Magazine, Max talked about the influence that the death of Dave’s dad in 2018 will have on the next Gang of Youths album:

“I know that our record that we’re about to start making will definitely be touched by what happened with his father. I think that will be a lot of the bigger issues. But it’s never small with David.”

“That’s probably what’s going to happen on the next album and you know, Tattersall, Dave’s dad, will obviously be a huge inspiration for us,” Dunn said. “Writing from experience is one of our greatest strengths and abilities — to kind of take these huge, fucked-up things like death … and go, ‘This is me being human.'”

May 11, 2019: has confirmed that Gang of Youths next album will be the band’s first under an international record deal with Warner Music. There’s no word on the financial terms, how many albums or how long the contract covers. The news comes from an interview on Dutch radio station KINK, where Dave also revealed that he hasn’t written a full song “in like two years” and, though he has some material in progress for the new album, “it hasn’t been recorded yet.”

March 31, 2019: Appearing on Radio X, Dave said that Gang of Youths’ new album “probably won’t come out this year,” but he thinks that it will be ready (i.e., finished) by the end of the year. He confirmed that the album title has been chosen (see below), and also said he has “some song titles” and “at least scaffolds for a bunch of songs.” Dave also said the band doesn’t know who will produce the album, and suggested the band might do that themselves. Here’s our full story.

November 28, 2018: Dave co-hosted Zane Lowe’s radio show on Beats 1 and the subject of GOY’s next album came up during the conversation. Dave revealed that he already knows the name of the album and wants it finished in 2019:

“There’s gonna be something. I’ve got everything conceptually with the album, including a name, but not necessarily songs. I don’t want to stagnate, though. I think that’s the other thing that like — I kind of want to at least get this third album done by next year. That’s really fucking important to me.”

Lowe asked, but Dave wouldn’t give away the album name … at least not on-air. Here’s an abbreviated version of the quote above:

(We previously had a Zane Lowe/Beats1 tweet embedded here, but that tweet has been removed.)

March 23, 2018: Speaking to WGN radio in Chicago, Dave reveals that the band lost some early work on its next album when robber(s) stole laptops from their touring van before a show in Nashville. “A bunch of stuff for album three got stolen on one of the laptops that was taken from our van,” he says. “So it’s kinda back to square one in that regard.”