New Gang of Youths album not until 2022?

I hate to pull out one sentence of a music press article and make a big deal out of it, but really can’t help myself with this one.

An NME article about today’s premiere of “The Man Himself” official music video includes this:

“The record is expected to land in the early months of 2022.”

That’s referring to the next Gang of Youths album. Ugh.

Chances are really high that they’re getting that news/info/rumor direct from band-related sources, so it’s probably true. But with all due respect to NME, I sure hope it’s not.

In better news … yes, the video for “The Man Himself” is finally here and paints a compelling interplay between adult Dave and child Dave. You can read more about that in the NME link above. And here’s the video in case you missed the premiere today.

(Photo credit: Rashidi Noah)