Rolling Stone Australia ranks The Positions, Go Farther… on all-time Aussie albums list

Let’s start by giving full credit to Rolling Stone. For decades they’ve been creating musical lists (Top 500 Songs, Top 200 Guitarists, etc.) that seem to get published as much to keep the Rolling Stone name/brand in our consciousness as to honor the people/things they’re listing.

It’s worked again because Rolling Stone Australia recently came out with its ranking of the 200 Greatest Australian Albums and LET THE DEBATE BEGIN.

This is a Gang of Youths fan site so we’ll focus on their two appearances, which I’d think should be cause for some conversation among fans:

#121: Go Farther In Lightness
#89: The Positions

Your thoughts?

I wouldn’t speak to their place in the whole of Australian music. But in this fan’s opinion, RSA has the order wrong. Nothing against The Positions whatsoever, but Go Farther is an absolute masterpiece to me.

If you wanna argue, meet me over in the DS forum. 🙂