Signs of Life? New Gang of Youths T-shirts, New Studio Clips

It might be a thing. It might be not a thing. But at least it gives us something to talk about. ?

For the first time in a loooooong time, there are some signs of life in Gang of Youths-ville. Today, the band posted a series of short video clips as Instagram and Facebook stories — mostly funny stuff, but the final video in the series shows 10 seconds of Tom Hobden playing violin in a small studio room. Max is briefly seen looking on, while Jung is sitting in front of a couple screens and what I think is a laptop, too. Seems like he’s recording things. Or maybe playing Animal Crossing. Have a look for yourself.

A week ago (Oct. 15), the band shared a similar clip on IG/FB stories, but that one showed only Jung working in this same room. So, there’s a chance today’s clip (or even both clips, for that matter) was recorded on a previous date. Or maybe the guys were just working on something on both dates.

One more interesting thing: Gang of Youths’ official online store added two new t-shirts today, one in black and one in white. Both feature nothing more than the band’s name in what could be a new logo. Or maybe it’s just a random new design. (We’re a fan site; we’re here to overthink and speculate on stuff like this. Get used to it.)

Both shirts are available for pre-order now with shipping expected on November 17th.

It could all be coincidence, we know that. But studio clips on consecutive weeks, plus new t-shirts in the official store could also be some signs of life that Gang of Youths is getting active again. And if that’s the case … more, please. It’s not a minute too soon, as Aaron Wood’s tweet last month so perfectly reminds us.