The Man Himself?!? Did Gang of Youths just tip its new album title?

Gang of Youths may have just tipped fans to the title of its upcoming album.

None of us here at DS were able to watch the band’s TikTok concert replay due to time differences, but here’s what we’ve been able to piece together thanks to fans on social media (particularly in the GOY Appreciation Gang group).

At the end of the concert, as the band was taking its bows on stage, the Mirror Music TikTok account (that’s the band’s management company) encouraged viewers to keep watching. Soon after that, Dave himself was shown on the feed writing three words on a sheet of paper:

The Man Himself

You can see it on the image above — a screenshot from Tom Hobden’s Instagram story. (Full version below.)

There was no context, no explanation, nothing at all to help fans understand what they were looking at. But the assumption is that it’s a reveal of the title of the band’s upcoming album.

And why not? The lead-up to “The Angel of 8th Ave.” saw Gang of Youths and Warner Music employing some next-level shenanigans in the name of creating buzz, like putting up billboards with a phone number that played 30 seconds of the new song and revealing the single’s release date in videos that played in the background of the band’s Spotify catalog.

So at this point, giving away an album title at the end of a TikTok concert stream totally tracks.

(Thx to @gwilsgard for originally catching this on IG. Thx to Dani for help.)