Tom Hobden joins Gang of Youths on stage at War Child gig in London

If you’re wondering who was that new guy on stage with Gang of Youths Monday night at their Brits Week/War Child charity gig in London, two things:

  1. You should be reading this website more often. ?
  2. It was Tom Hobden.

Hobden (far right in the photo above) is the former unofficial member of Mumford & Sons who has been spotted on Gang of Youth’s social media posts for more than a month now; he was probably the “Tom” that the band included in an Instagram story last month suggesting that they’ve found a new band member. Oddly, GOY was telling fans before Monday’s gig that Hobden hasn’t officially joined them, but all the evidence suggests otherwise and even members of Mumford & Sons have told fans that Hobden has made the switch.

He’s a multi-instrumentalist and fans at Monday’s gig say he played guitar, violin, and keyboards during the show. You can hear his influence very clearly on this brief clip from “Let Me Down Easy,” particularly in the latter half of the clip and especially in the final few seconds.

We’re also told that Jung was primarily on lead guitar, but also played some keyboards during the show.

The band played a 10-song setlist but did not do any new songs. You can see the full setlist here on Deepest Sighs, and be sure to scroll down that page for several short video clips from the show if you’re curious to hear how they sounded on the first show with this new lineup.

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(Photo courtesy Bas Jansen.)