Gang of Youths Tours & Setlists

This section of Deepest Sighs is now complete! Below you’ll find all known Gang of Youths concerts from the band’s start in 2012 until today — along with upcoming shows. (Scroll below for notes on our research.)

Future Tours & Shows

All upcoming Gang of Youths concerts


Angel In Realtime Promo Tour

Angel In Realtime Tour – Leg 1 (Ireland/UK)

Angel In Realtime Tour – Leg 2 (N. America)

Angel In Realtime Tour – Leg 3 (AU/NZ)

Angel In Realtime Tour – Leg 4 (N. America)

Angel In Realtime Tour – Leg 5 (EU)

2022 Miscellaneous Shows


Past Tours

All years



Sam Fender UK Tour

2021 Miscellaneous Shows



2020 Miscellaneous Shows


Mumford & Sons “Delta Tour US & Mexico 19” (opening act)

Mumford & Sons “Delta Tour 2019” (opening act)

2019 Miscellaneous Shows


2018 Tour (unnamed)

Foo Fighters “Concrete and Gold” tour (opening act)

Say Yes To Life tour

2018 Miscellaneous Shows


2017 European Tour

2017 U.S. Tour

Go Farther In Lightness Australian Tour

Go Farther In Lightness European Tour

2017 Miscellaneous Shows


2016 Australian Tour

2016 Europe/U.S. Tour

2016 Miscellaneous Shows


Benevolence Riots Tour

The Positions Album Tour

2015 Australian Tour

2015 Miscellaneous Shows

Chris Cornell’s “Acoustic Higher Truth World Tour” (Dave solo opening act)


2014 North America/UK Tour

2014 Australian Tour

2014 Miscellaneous Shows


Early Shows 2012-13

Cloud Control “Dream Cave” tour (opening act)

About Our Research

The tours and concerts listed here are the result of hundreds of hours of research, and represent what we believe is the most complete and accurate list of Gang of Youths tours, concert dates and setlists on the internet. was a great help with our initial run at concert dates and setlists. We’re grateful to the fans who share information there, and have happily shared with them, too. Our research expanded to include hundreds of articles, band interviews and concert reviews where we often learned of new gigs and full or partial setlists. We went back to the very beginning of the band’s official social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and read hundreds (thousands?) of posts looking for mentions of concerts and songs played. We also spent an insane amount of time browsing through YouTube videos and even Flickr photos.

In the end, we discovered a total of 337 Gang of Youths live performances — proper concerts, radio and promotional performances, etc. — as of January 1, 2019. (And currently 13 more on tap in 2019, for a total of 350.) We’ll continue to update these pages as the band announces and plays more shows.

If you know of a show or setlist that we’re missing, or if you have photos/videos you’d like to share on our concert pages, please get in touch with us anytime. We’d love to hear from you.