Video: Watch Gang of Youths join Mumford & Sons to cover The Middle East’s “Blood”

For a lot of Gang of Youths fans, “Blood” is that fantastic cover song that the band did on Triple J’s “Like A Version” series in 2017.

Going forward, it might become that fantastic cover song Gang of Youths did live on stage with Mumford & Sons.

In case you didn’t catch the news on social media, it happened at the end of Thursday’s gig in Lisbon — the first show of Mumford’s Delta Tour, with Gang of Youths as the support act. Gang of Youths had long since finished their opening set, and Mumford & Sons was wrapping things up with what became a 6-song encore.

For the third song of the encore, M&S invited Gang of Youths to return to the stage and together the two bands played a beautiful version of The Middle East’s “Blood.” Here are a couple versions that fans have posted:

As far as we know, it’s the first time either band has performed the song live in concert. It sounded like they’d done it a hundred times or more — together.

And here’s a cool nugget of info to wrap things up: Way back in 2010, Mumford & Sons did a month-long North American tour in support of its first album. The opening act for all those shows? The Middle East. And during at least one of the shows, Mumford & Sons invited The Middle East to play a song together during their encore. Crazy coincidence, huh?