What if … Gang of Youths did an album of cover songs?

We’ve all heard some really dodgy covers of our favorite songs, and I think most people would agree that cover versions are rarely as good as the originals — and almost never better.

But for me, one of the great joys of getting to know Gang of Youths over the past year has been discovering that they’re really freaking good at covering other artists’ songs. They’ve done a number of covers in their short time together and the ones I’ve heard are, to my ears, almost universally great. They’ve introduced me to several songs I’d never heard before and when I go find the original version, I always seem to like GOY’s cover better.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Gang of Youths could make a great album consisting entirely of non-original songs.

I’ve started a thread in our fan forum to collect ALL of the cover songs that GOY has done, so please check that out and add to it if you know of any not listed there — especially if there’s audio/video of whatever you’re adding!

In the meantime, here’s what I’d choose for Side A of a 10-song, vinyl cover album from Gang of Youths:

“Blood” (original: The Middle East)

“All My Friends” (original: LCD Soundsystem)

“With Or Without You” (Original: U2)

“Straight To You” (original: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

“Both Sides Now” (original: Joni Mitchell)

That’s a really great Side A of an album IMO.

Reminder, see our forum for an ongoing collection of GOY cover songs — including a lot not shown above, and add any we’ve missed!

(Great thanks to fans in the Gang of Youths Appreciation Gang for helping with this project!)